Beers…in 3 central european cities

During my Central Europe trip, no single day is alcohol free. (To clarify, I am never an alcoholic.)

The currency in Czech Republic is indeed beer.

Finishing beer was one of the task during the two weeks in central Europe.

Beer lovers would love and hate this country. Having a chance to try as many beers as possible, you would never manage to remember all tastes.

I tired perhaps 20 different (new-to-me) beers in Prague, capital city of Czech Republic, alone. There were couple beers tasting in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. No single ones, in “soft count”, is repeated.

Probably missing some local goodies, having more than 2 glasses (500ml) of beer per day in average, excluding wine and other liquor, is a personal record.

The very big issue now: I unlikely can re-taste the beers that I like unless travelling Europe again.

Here is a short list (bare with the error; BOLD=what I like):

  1. Břevnovský Benedict Světlý Ležák @ Pivovarský klub, Prague
  2. Stout (Pivovar Bobr,Zadní Třebaň) @ Pivovarský klub, Prague

    Pivovar Bobr (Stout) is one of the best draught dark beers I have drank in Prague.
  3. Klaster @Beer Museum, Prague
  4. Svijany Máz @Beer Museum, Prague
  5. Merlin @Beer Museum, Prague
  6. Kocour Visen (Chery) @Beer Museum, Prague
  7. Masopustni Special @Beer Museum, Prague
  8. Zatec Baronka @Beer Museum, Prague
  9. Two Tales (Bohemian Ales) @Beer Museum, Prague
  10. Matuska @Beer Museum,Prague
  11. Real Deal Ale @Beer Museum, Prague
  12. D’este @Beer Museum, Prague
  13. Arany Ászok @ Flea Market, Petofi Csarnok, Budapest
  14. Velkopopovícký Kozel dark 1874 canned (Czech Republican)
  15. Karlskrone Radler (German)
  16. Karlskrone Alkoholfree (German)
  17. Sixtusbräu Schankbier (Austrian)
  18. Kühles Blondes Bier (Austrian)
  19. Berg König Märzen (Austrian)
  20. Hofbräu München Grapefruit (German)
  21. Szüretlen vörös (unfiltered red) @ Kaltenberg Sörház és Étterem – Budapest
  22. Borsodi Sör @Kazimir Bisztro (Hungarian beer)
  23. Borsodi Barna @Szimpla Kert (Hungarian brewery, German style dark)
  24. Velkopopovícký Kozel dark draught (Czech Republican)
  25. Meantime London Pale Ale @Huxleys Restaurant, Heathrow (England)
  26. Pilsner Urquell (draught) @Mama Lucy
  27. Dreher Classic @R14 Bisztro
  28. Krügel @Reinthaler’s Beisl
  29. The Salm Bräu Weizen (mixed beer) @Salm Bräu

    The Salm Bräu Weizen, a 60% wheat malt and 40% barley mixed beer, an old bavarian recipe, is perhaps the best one during my whole tip.
  30. Rauchbier (smoky dark beer) @7 Sternbräu, Vienna
  31. HANF @7 Sternbräu, Vienna
  32. Flekovský Tmavý Ležák 13° @U Fleku, Prague
  33. Hofbräu München Original (draught) @ Great Market Hall, Budapest
  34. Krusovice tmavé @U Sedmi Svabu
  35. ottaKringer helles (draught) @ hostel, Vienna
  36. Fóti Zwickl @hostel, Budapest


This is bound to be an exciting trip. Solo traveller in trio central/eastern European countries that with three languages and currencies for two weeks. Barely accessible Internet means a long prayer walk. Architectures and churches but perhaps way too many beers. Exploring new horizon in vintage places. Words cannot describe the excitement and the hidden anxiety. Oh well, I have been trying.