Wish to Do More

While I’ve willingly accepted the IceBucketChallenge from Alfred Ngai in support of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), I want to do it more relevantly by raising the awareness of a similar disease called Multiple Sckerosis (MS). I do that because of a brother in Christ in my church’s cell group.

Both ALS and MS are neurodegenerative diseases that the patients suffer from physical deficits.

Teddy self-pours a bucket of ice water in support of ALS.
Teddy self-pours a bucket of ice water in support of ALS.

Comparing of ALS and MS, Dr. Candy Cheung says, “ALS affects motor neurons and [has] much worse mortality rate. MS is inflammation of any nerve cells, that can be motor or sensory, and symptoms can affect vision, motor and/or emotion.”

In short, in general cases, by my limited knowledge, ALS patients have shorter life span, but MS patients may suffer longer in lives.

Canada, in 2013, has the highest rate of MS in the world, and we have about 100,000 Canadian MS patients, 9 times higher than global average. However, MS diagnosis is longer than most developed countries mostly due to lacking neurologists and MRI machines.

You have equally earned my respect by accepting the challenge, (just) donating, volunteering for ALS Canada or MS Society of Canada or whichever charity you like, and/or keeping the patients in your prayer.

Do everything you can to make a better world, and your good deed can never be wasted.

Sorry, no video. (Is it even important?)