A Litto Purple in Summer

Trying to make a good use of my Mr. Macro, a fingernail size purple flower is presented.


Calgary Downtown INWARD-PLANET

The Calgary Downtown Planet

Calgary Downtown planet (April, 2012)

General speaking, I don’t care about copyright, but this time I have to. Photography from southeast Calgary and photoshop with several tricks (not difficult ones) that’s all I did. A few Calgary downtown commercial buildings, apartments or landmarks should be seen including Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary Stampede’s ground, Calgary Tower, The Bow, Encana Tower, Eighth Avenue Place I, and Arriva Tower 1, etc. Picture quality not the best I’m sure this is more enjoyable with its funny angle.

A media scrum at Calgary International Airport

A media scrum and tour for Calgary International’s airport’s Airport Underpass (Dec, 2011)

It was a windy afternoon during winter time. I guess in that place we all media people suffering from 114km/h wind with -15C.