Back to Simpleness

For the past 10 days, because of winter solstice festival, that is a Chinese tradition of family reunion dinner, Christmas season, year eve and new year, there were meals after meals and feasts after feasts. Time to get back simple.

(Get me no wrong. I love all gatherings and relationship building parties and gaming periods.)

As we all know, a surfeit of alcohol drink and food for more than a week is not always as great. Although I am never a heavy drinker, the worse part is getting slightly sick on and off because of the eventful schedule.

Anyhow, as a result, I made myself a fish noodles today to start over my simple food-life again.



Some of My Best Photos of 2015

Every year in about this time many photographers share their best photos of the year so as to review and conclude what they have done. I am just one of the thousands (or more).

A productive year that I have got new equipments for still photography and learned different skills from action camera for video.

“Photography has become a household word and household want; is used alike by art and science, by love, business, and justice; is found in the most sumptuous saloon, and in the dingiest attic.”
Lady Elisabeth Eastlake, 1857 “Photography”, London Quarterly Review

Before sharing mine, if you may have time, check my instagram and Flickr Flickr and please follow me.

Enjoy the visuals.


I started blogging for food in Chinese language when I was in Japan. This “steak on rice” one is one of the best beef I have had outside Alberta.


Another new skills is smart phone app enhancement – I have got an app that can add subtitle and make movie-like scene. The photo was taken in a JR train when I was going from Tokyo to Kyoto. With cold tone white balance, the photo creates an unexpected mood.


I pick this as my best portrait photo of the year. The lady was using a Nikon film camera for her flower photography. What a passionate photographer! I wish I will still have the passion for photos when I am in my 60s or beyond.


Meteor shower shot around Ghost Lake, Alberta. Not a super fancy one but what a great experience with another photo-friend.


Manhattan Beach is one of the places I have been wanting to visit. Under the beach’ bridge/pier is a amazing location for sunset photos, mainly because of its unique sillouette scenery and Pacific Coast’s seascape.


Alberta is a landscape province where  Photoshop skills in unneeded. Hiking to Johnston Canyon in late spring to have this memorable jaw-dropping picture.


Hiking has been one of the favorite outdoor activities other than soccer. You may visit many great places, like this one. Kifune Shrine in Kifune, Kyoto, Japan has been famous because of an animated cartoon Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki.


On my way to another hiking trip, this photo was done by my new lens – Sigma Art Series 18-35mm f/1.8L. It was a muddy morning but after this road I was able to see Mount Fuji from another peak.


The funny part is, by all means, the photographer in the picture and the guy who looked at the photo-guy. While all other photojournalists are on the other side, this guy appeared at the back of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his campaign in Calgary.


I am told this photo is the most favourable one. The girl who is a phubbing caught me.


Flowers, flowers and flowers. Red and yellow flowers, green leaves and trees, and blue and white sky make this photo perfect.


Macrophotography for flower hugely depends on natural lighting if you don’t want to do more editing. This vertical photo with absolute zero  editing is now my phone’s wallpaper.


Often, I don’t share my photojourno pictures outside my work platform. afterw, Syrian refugees issues have been globally galvanized into real action after a drowned boy photo is widely shared and distributed. The dad-son photo taken is one of the refugees settling down in Canada.


Rachel Notley flip pancakes first time during the week of Calgary Stampede as Premier of Alberta. She did a great job.

It’s been a while

Have not touched my WordPress for a considerable long period of time, it is ironically that the site reminds me that my blog is going to celebrate third anniversary.

The past months I have been focus on some more education for web knowledge and other social media like instagram.

Even if my twitter has been somewhat active, inactive blog like mine would be just like a hidden/dead one.

Anyhow, same old same old. I’ll try my best to be more active to share what I have and/or feel – either in English and/or Chinese.

Wish that I can walk the talk.

Meanwhile, share you some of my pictures taken in California last week.


       El Matador State Beach


       Manhattan Beach


       Santa Monica Pier

Ya, it was a beachy trip, and the winter in California is like my cool summer time in Calgary.


Wish to Do More

While I’ve willingly accepted the IceBucketChallenge from Alfred Ngai in support of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), I want to do it more relevantly by raising the awareness of a similar disease called Multiple Sckerosis (MS). I do that because of a brother in Christ in my church’s cell group.

Both ALS and MS are neurodegenerative diseases that the patients suffer from physical deficits.

Teddy self-pours a bucket of ice water in support of ALS.
Teddy self-pours a bucket of ice water in support of ALS.

Comparing of ALS and MS, Dr. Candy Cheung says, “ALS affects motor neurons and [has] much worse mortality rate. MS is inflammation of any nerve cells, that can be motor or sensory, and symptoms can affect vision, motor and/or emotion.”

In short, in general cases, by my limited knowledge, ALS patients have shorter life span, but MS patients may suffer longer in lives.

Canada, in 2013, has the highest rate of MS in the world, and we have about 100,000 Canadian MS patients, 9 times higher than global average. However, MS diagnosis is longer than most developed countries mostly due to lacking neurologists and MRI machines.

You have equally earned my respect by accepting the challenge, (just) donating, volunteering for ALS Canada or MS Society of Canada or whichever charity you like, and/or keeping the patients in your prayer.

Do everything you can to make a better world, and your good deed can never be wasted.

Sorry, no video. (Is it even important?)

Never underestimate what a 6-year-old can do with a DSLR

It was a normal family day long weekend until I gave a DSLR to a six year-old to capture what she sees.

Apparently, Hazel, a grade one student, did some impressive photography artworks that her parents and I have never expected. It was an afternoon at home when she was making some crafts. Besides me, her dad, younger sister and grandparents were in the house, so were another two of her dad’s friends.

Equipment: Canon 7D; Canon EF Macro 100mm USM (lower ended model)
Pre-setting: 1/160, f/4.5, AWB, ISO-3200, central one-point focus

She wasn’t even able to hold a DSLR properly as what adults do. Rejecting a given iPhone, she insisted to have my camera taking pictures around her house. With some hesitation at first, I finally accepted her “multiple requests”.

No live-view but viewfinder, holding a relatively heavy equipment to her, plus having a running nose that day, she started her short but great indoor photo journey. And there you go.

hazel grandpaA sincere smile she captures for her grandpa. Considering that she held up in about 60-degree when the equipment that weighted about 1/10 of her, the UNEDITED picture’s field of depth is just perfect. Yes, when enlarging the image, you might see shaky and blurry and to-be-improved lighting, but the smile wins.

beer and ukelele Hazel set her own scene, indeed. A drink at front with a red ukelele at the back are what she directed us to put on. She discovered the uekelele looking great at the high-to-low angle, so she asked her dad to put down the drink onto a soft’s arm. The color combination is just excellent.

Makayla eyes   A macro shot with her younger sister’s eyes. Her younger sister is a moody little girl: she can laugh hard now but literally yield at you in most furious way in the next minute. Hazel caught the angry moment. So as the below one.

makayla sad Poor little the second time she was moody. And Hazel got her sister’s moment, again. A typical portrait-photo-skill. As well, all the strips in the photo are consistent, as if they are matching one another.

color craftSimple but colorful. She took a picture of her craft. Aware of architecture beauty, putting one a pink paper, standing on a chair, she told us a fact, by a picture, that how the craft looks like and its nature.

I’d like to show more, but I stop from here.

Hazel might took some great pictures by luck, some by skills, some by observation, and  some by creativity. A pure heart shouldn’t be ignored. By the time she grows up, photography technology might have been improved to another level, but her photographer-eyes is always with her.