A Trip with a Vintage Lens

During the recent trip to Hong Kong, a #Canon FD 50mm f/1.4L became one of the travel lenses. This vintage lens, attached to a Fotodiox adapter, is a completely full manual prime lens, and having it with a Canon 7D, it becomes an 80mm range.

While its dreamy and old-style character is so attractive (probably not everyone’s appetite), the lens was used for street photography as one of my newest personal photo-shoot challenges.

What’s more,

  1. the lens’ aperture is locked at f/1.4;
  2. there’s absolutely no filter;
  3. the lens flares are all organic.

Long Short, hope you to enjoy the below images I took.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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#Canon #photography #FD #userexperience #photographer #street #hongkong #dayandnight #vinatge #nostalgic #thought #fotodiox #lensflare #bokeh #dreamy



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