Something small, something big

In a gas station, a guy with a truck tried to fill up the tank, but his only debit card didn’t work.

He asked a staff of the gas station’s convenience store to lend him a landline phone to call his bank. The bank’s customer service representative instructed him to go to a branch to withdraw cash from teller desk.

He asked the staff, “where is the closest XXX bank?”

The staff replied, “58 avenue. You can drive south all the way.”

It is 20 blocks away, and it was at 5:45pm on a snowy Friday evening.

The guy said, “there’s no way I drive therr. My car is totally out of gas.”

The staff then said, “I give you $5 (in advance to fill the tank).”

The guy, who was still on the phone with customer service, said, “Oh, what? You give me $5 dollar. You are so kind.”

This is how Calgarians helping each other.

#gooddeeds #calgary #truestory #loveeverywhere #community #help


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